Are you or a loved one struggling with an addiction and seeking help? Are you in recovery but would like the ongoing support of a knowledgeable therapist?

My training and networking in the field of addiction has prepared me to understand how I can best help you. Having said that, I take into consideration that you and your situation are unique. Behaviors that become addictive are ways we can cut off feelings of anxiety, pain, and loss that seem beyond what is manageable and may include substance and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, gambling, shopping, pornography, and cutting. I work with a number of clients who are seeking treatment, or are in early or long-term recovery. I also support families of those challenged by addiction to help (family) members understand the complexity of these behaviors, the importance of establishing firm boundaries for themselves, and how to provide a healthy and compassionate support system for their loved one.

If you would like to set up an initial consultation for therapy, please call 310.651.7412 or e-mail me at