Have you lost a loved one? Are you mourning the death of a relationship, lifestyle, or beloved pet? Helping clients move through the process of grief is one I am honored to be a part of.

I volunteer as a bereavement support group leader and bring this experience to my work with clients in private practice. I work with young children, teens, and adults using a number of ways to help them process grief, depending on their age. Children respond best to the use of art so I engage them in activities such as sandtray work, puppetry, and drawing.  I support teens and adult clients by creating a safe and trusting space where they can understand and learn to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, loss of focus and motivation, and where they can grieve, cry, and express feelings of anger and loss. Moving through grief is a gradual and complex process. To understand the normality of the many symptoms and feelings that arise is very important and is giving oneself permission to mourn. To have someone to listen to our inner anguish and pain without worrying that we are being a burden is enormously helpful and healing.

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