How can Therapy Help?

It’s almost impossible to solve a problem at the level of the problem. Yet this is what so many of us try to do when faced with a myriad of challenges that foster depression and anxiety — among them, birth, death, marriage, divorce, sexual dysfunction, illness, job loss, and retirement. We’re rarely successful in finding a solution ourselves. In fact, when we’re stressed or worried, it’s difficult to see a way to successfully navigate through our experience and the opportunity for personal growth. Our perspective can become very skewed and negative.

Working with a therapist through life transitions and conflictual relationships helps to normalize whatever we’re going through. In fact, research shows that expressing our feelings releases chemicals within the body that foster healing. And sometimes we need not only an objective and compassionate witness with whom to share our struggles, but skill building techniques that teach us to reframe our situation, better communicate our needs to others, and strengthen our sense of self.

When the client and therapist work well together, therapy provides the opportunity for the client’s self discovery, expanded perspective, and psychological growth.