Individual Therapy

Are you suffering from anxiety or depressive thinking? Do you feel lonely, overwhelmed, and unsure about the future? Is it a struggle to just get through the day?

Anxiety is the #1 stressor among clients I see, no matter what their age. You may not have access to the tools required to balance responsibilities with the needs for fun, freedom, and most important of all, love and belonging. With respect and genuine caring, I create a safe space to help you assess what’s going on in your life that may be keeping you stuck in a cycle of depressive thinking or anxiety – symptoms which can be alleviated by a number of therapeutic approaches I use. The following are the types of situations which arise for clients I work with:


  • Adults in conflictual relationships
  • Adults who are isolating and have few friends
  • Adults who are in a career transition
  • Adults who have experienced loss
  • Adults dealing with addiction
  • Adults who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression
  • Adults experiencing a life crisis
  • Adults dealing with illness
  • Adults dealing with aging

If you would like to set up an initial consultation for therapy, please call 310.651.7412 or e-mail me at