Children’s Therapy

Working with children to help them express emotions through art, play, and psychodrama is especially meaningful to me. When children are faced with difficult circumstances and are unable to understand and process their feelings, this can be very scary and confusing for them. Helping them to find ways to express emotion is critical for their wellbeing. My 15 years of experience in education inform my approach, which entails my working with the child alone and sometimes with the parent. The two therapeutic approaches I typically use with children are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. The following are the types of situations which arise for clients:

  • Children who are isolating and have few friends
  • Children who are doing poorly in school
  • Children who over achievers or perfectionistic
  • Children who are going through divorce or loss in the family
  • Children who are part of a newly blended family
  • Children with low self esteem
  • Children experiencing anxiety/depression

When children connect with the right therapist, they enjoy coming and feel better about themselves and their relationships with others.