Individual Therapy


I enjoy building a therapeutic relationship with adult individuals of all ages – and as a mother myself, with teens and young adults.  We’re living in a world that can be highly stressful, and many of us have not been taught or have access to the tools required to balance our responsibilities with the needs for fun, freedom, and most important of all, love and belonging.  My goal is to help clients assess what they’re missing in life that may be causing depression, anxiety or other behaviors – symptoms which can be alleviated so their lives can be more fulfilling. The following are the types of situations which arise for clients:


  • Adults in conflictual relationships
  • Adults who are isolating and have few friends
  • Adults who are in a career transition
  • Adults who have experienced loss
  • Adults dealing with addiction
  • Adults who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression
  • Adults experiencing a life crisis
  • Adults dealing with illness
  • Adults dealing with aging


  • Youth who are isolating and have few friends
  • Youth who are doing poorly in school
  • Youth who are over achievers and perfectionistic (e.g. school, sports)
  • Youth who are going through divorce or loss in the family
  • Youth who are part of a newly blended family
  • Youth in conflictual relationships with parents
  • Youth  with low self esteem
  • Youth dealing with addiction
  • Youth experiencing anxiety and/or depression
  • Youth dealing with their adoption
  • Youth who need help sorting through the college process